About My Sweet Little Princess Bowtique

Dear fans, thank you for visiting my blog.

This is Fern from Singapore! I have been making hair accessories for little princesses for all ages in from Singapore, UK, Brunei, Malaysia, USA, Brazil, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Ireland (hopefully more in the future) since 2009.

All my accessories are specially handcrafted with lots of love & care , using quality materials and my accessories will last a long time with proper care. I hope your little girl/girls will grow up with my accessories – do send back your accessories for servicing/repair/re-size/conversion/redesign.

We need not always have to throw away as there are always ways to revamp into something else! .

- All items are specially handcrafted in Singapore in a clean, smoke-free, happy home!

Most of the items could be customized into a bigger or smaller sizing, or handcrafted into another colour or make into a hairclip or headband. If you see anything here and couldn't find it on our Etsy Store, please contact me and I will be happy to put up on our Store.

Cuteness architect, Fern :)

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Frequently asked questions


1. Which type of headband is better - interchangeable or non-interchangeable?
Interchangeable is better if you :

  • own many hair clips and can switch from one clip to another, all your interchangeable headbands can match your clips effortlessly. However, the headband may be heavier because this is now a clip on (weight of the alligator clip).
  • The metal clip may react with moisture (Sweat, rain, etc.,) and may rust after some time.
  • Variety - you can mix and match different bows with different headbands to create variety.
Non-Interchangeable is better if you :
  • preferred a secured feel for your headband. All hair ornaments (flowers, bows, pearls etc.,) are not just glued but are also sewn by me. They do not come off easily.
  • prefer lesser weight for your princess as it is generally lighter because it is sewn on and does not carry extra weight of the alligator clip
  • wear the headband right away without needing to adjust the detachable clip.
  • Minimal glue is used (or sometimes no glue).
  • You won't misplace the clips or headbands since they are together.
Here's an example of an interchangeable headband. You can wear the flower clip on the different headbands.

2. Big or small headbands ?

Personally, I feel that little babies look extremely with bigger headbands. As they have fine hairs, the bigger headbands help to make them more stand out. Everyone's attention focus on her face. A baby's features is not fully defined yet (like eyes especially, young babies still have that blurry gaze look).

A bigger headband looks better during photo shooting since these are easier and can be captured more clearly.

As older girls generally have thicker hair, smaller headbands will be more suitable and do not cover most of their face.

You can also browse through my princess photo gallery - there are many lovely princesses from new born to toddlers , girls etc., You will know how lovely your princess will turn out to be.

3. Special requests or customization?


All requests are welcome, just drop me a mail. It is a way to learn about customers' preference that may help me in my creations. But.... I will try my best (or I may not know or be able to do it sometimes). You never try, I will never know. :)

4. Thick or narrow headbands?
Based on personal experience and feedback from other mummies -
- newborns/girls with little/fine hair - either type of headbands are suitable. Thick headbands help to hide the bare head and is excellent for bad hair days, thin headbands give a very dainty and fine look.

- girls with more/thicker hair - thicker headbands help to keep the hair flat. A thinner headband will push back thick hair, therefore need to comb back the hair to adjust for a neat look.

- as a guide , the bow/clip should always be bigger than the headband so that it will stand out rather than being hidden in the headband.

5. Does the headbands suit my princess?
All ribbon bows

  • can be customised to be bigger or smaller (you can specify the width of the bow)
All headbands

  • Elastic -Ready made, imported from USA, this is very stretchy and will fit little babies and bigger. Even if it is too tight (hasn't happened yet, you can stretch it so that it will be less tight). I use only good quality elastic headbands - they will last a long time.
  • Crochet headbands - this fits infants to  adults.
  • Lace headbands - handmade by me, therefore I can customize the headband base on your head circumference


1. What type of clips do you use?

Currently I have mini and standard size alligator clips, mini and standard size snapclips, mini French barrette clip & Velcro clips.

See different clippies here

2. Which type of hair clips do you recommend for girls with very fine hair?
Snap hair clips work very well for fine hair.

3. What is no-slip clip?
Answer: A special layer of grip will be affixed to the hair clip, so that it will result in a stronger grip, hair will not slip away easily. I tried it on myself, it works. I use a variety of grips depending on availability.

Here's how a no-slip grip look like:
4. Which type of hair clips do you recommend for girls with lots of hair (or curly hair) ?
This is a blessing as most alligator clips and snap clips work on all hair. It is the volume to consider , e.g. how much hair you would like to hold and where.

5. Are your clips safe for babies?
Nothing will be safe for babies without supervision. Babies just love to grab anything to pop into their mouth, they scratch themselves easily. So, they must be supervised at all times.

. I see that you are using alligator clips, can I request to use snap clips instead?
Yes, if the materials are still available, I accept custom orders. Feel free to check with me.

7. What is a left side or right side clip?
Answer: It simply means where you want to clip - clip on the left side of the head of right side of the head (from the wearer's perceptive). For example, if you are wearing on the left side of your head, the applique should face upwards when you clip onto your left and vice versa. Here's an example:


1. Where do you get your materials?
I am a shopaholic, I sourced from many parts of Singapore, going to difficulty going through friends, 3rd party forwarder to import from Asia and USA.

2. Can I self-collect?
I would prefer to post out than self-collect/meet up because it is very difficult to decide on a common timing. I have a full time job that is really hectic (OT most of the times). It may be faster for me to post out - item usually reach most areas within 1 to 2 working days within Singapore. If self-collect, please meet me at Serangoon Gardens (my convenience ok?)

3. There are no prices on your website, can you list out all the prices ?
I have stopped listing prices on this blog because I may reprice my products from time to time depending on the cost of materials. Sometimes I get a good deal spreeing on raw materials and I can price down the products to provide better savings. Sometimes I get a higher costs due to higher postage, minimum quantity from supplies and I have to adjust the price.  

I do not want my fans to have an impression that I  do not honor my prices and since most items are customized, I will quote the products individually.  

4. Is there any special discounts/rates for bulk orders? 


Yes! Do write to me personally. However do note that I am operating on my own and I do not mass produce my creations so please do not expect to get mass production rates because I made all these all by myself.
 Please help to ask more questions to contribute to my FAQs.