About My Sweet Little Princess Bowtique

Dear fans, thank you for visiting my blog.

This is Fern from Singapore! I have been making hair accessories for little princesses for all ages in from Singapore, UK, Brunei, Malaysia, USA, Brazil, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Ireland (hopefully more in the future) since 2009.

All my accessories are specially handcrafted with lots of love & care , using quality materials and my accessories will last a long time with proper care. I hope your little girl/girls will grow up with my accessories – do send back your accessories for servicing/repair/re-size/conversion/redesign.

We need not always have to throw away as there are always ways to revamp into something else! .

- All items are specially handcrafted in Singapore in a clean, smoke-free, happy home!

Most of the items could be customized into a bigger or smaller sizing, or handcrafted into another colour or make into a hairclip or headband. If you see anything here and couldn't find it on our Etsy Store, please contact me and I will be happy to put up on our Store.

Cuteness architect, Fern :)

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Here's how you can place your orders, find out our store/shipping policies/contact us

Choice of headbands

These are available for individual purchase (for more variety to match with clippies, bows, flowers). You can also mix and match your own headbands from here. If you do not need to add a loop, please let me know.
Please provide head circumference for custom fit (Measure the wearer's head with a tape measure at the point where the headband will be positioned). Some prefer to wear it high above forehead and some prefer to wear just around the forehead.

Foldover elastic headband - 5/8" wide  

Microfiber elastic headband - about 0.5 inch wide
  • pink (A) 
  • baby blue (B)  
Narrow Lace headbands (0.5 to 1.5 inch):
  • A = Lavender - 1 inch wide
  • B = Black - 1 inch wide
  • C = White - 1 inch wide
  • D = White - slightly smaller than 1 inch wide
  • E = Grey - 1 inch wide
  • F = Hot pink - 1 inch wide
  • G = Light pink - 1.25 inch wide
  • L3 - Baby blue (1 inch width) 
  • L4 - Deep red (1 inch width) 
  • L5 - Hot pink (5/8 inch width)  
  • L6 - White (1 inch width) --> Out of stock
  • 0.5 inch width lace band (photo below)
  • 1 inch width lace headband 

  • 1.5 inch wide lace headbands 

    • NNLA (Mauve pink)

    • NNLB (Light baby pink) 

    • 3/4 inch wide elastic lacebands, limited colours left, please check with me if you need a specific colour. Oatmeal is OOS 

    Quality stretchy cotton nylon elastic headbands - 1.25 inch: 
    • 10 colours A to J 

    Quality stretchy nylon elastic headbands - 1.25 inch : (some colours are not available because this headband is discontinued by supplier), kindly check with me.
    • Stripes print 
      • NS1 (Purple)
      • NS2 (Lilac)
      • NS3 (Turquoise)
      • NS4 (Navy)
      • NS5 (pink)
      • NS6 - light green (last piece)
    • Dots print  
      • NDT1 - Orange
      • NDT2 - Brown
      • NDT3 - Yellow
      • NDT4 - Blue
      • NDT5 - Purple
      • NDT7 - Lilac
      • NDT8 - Hot pink
      • NDT9 - Light green
      • NDT10 - Light pink
      • NDT11 -Brown with pink dots
      Skinny nylon headbands 0.25 inch wide.
        Colour A and K = OOS
         1.5 inch wide crochet headbands 

      Wide Lace headbands (2 inch or wider)
      • L1 - Black (2.5 inch wide) 
      • L2 - Double ruffle lace (1.75 inch wide)  in baby corn  
      • L7 - Off white (about 2.25 inch width) 
      • L8 - Dark beige (about 2.25 inch width)  
      • L9 - Baby corn (about 2.25 inch width) 
      • L10 -White (about 2.25 inch width)  
      • L12 - Pink 2.25 inch

      • L13 - Peachpuff 2.25 inch width 
      • L14 - Shocking Pink 2.25 inch width 
      • NWLB (Black) 
      • 2 inch wide lace headband  

      Double ruffled ribbon headband
      • 7/8" adjustable double ruffle headband  - choose from colour chart below:

      Ribbon wrapped plastic headbands
      • Woven plastic headband in solid colour  for 1/2 inch width or 1 inch width (Simply choose any solid colours from my ribbon tray)

      • 1.5 inch wide scalloped edge elastic crochet headband

      Printed elastics headbands 

       Made to measure double ruffle chiffon elastic headband. 
      • About one inch wide, very stretchy and comfy, good thing is this is made to measure, will definitely fit her pretty head perfectly 

      Interchangeable nylon headband (invisible loop)  each in 17 colours:

      New made to measure double ruffle chiffon headband
      About one inch wide, very stretchy and comfy, good thing is this is made to measure, will definitely fit her pretty head perfectly.

      New made to measure double ruffle chiffon headband
      0.25 inch skinny metal headband, suitable for toddlers and adults
      (Not recommended for newborns and young babies because metal maybe alittle hard on their soft skulls).

      lined with 3/8" printed ribbons or   if lined with 3/8" solid coloured ribbon
      3/8 inch ribbon tray

      1/8" Skinny headbands

      Newly imported skinny headband - these are non-slip, measuring 1/8" wide. Skinny headbands are made to measure, therefore would require the wearer's head circumference. As this is really skinny, this will be made non-detachable.

      Available in many colours. We have just restocked this series and there are now more than 30 colours, will be uploading soon.
      1. Lavender
      2. Black
      3. Dark Chocolate
      4. Creamy ivory
      5. White
      6. Yellow
      7. Baby Blue
      8. Pink
      9. Hot Pink
      10. Red

      3 inch wide crochet headbands
      These crochet headbands are imported from USA,the same great quality as my current ones. 
      Now available in wider width - 2.75 ~ 3 inch wide.
      In stock now:
      Ivory, rainbow, lavender, pink, hot pink, red, dark chocolate, black. (peach is out of stock)

      More colours: Top row (Left to right) Baby blue, Light pink, white, light green, oatmeal, limegreen
      Bottom row (Left to right) Orange, peach, purple, light yellow, maroon

      Super Soft Interchangeable nylon headband

      These nylon (stocking-like) elastic headbands are machine washable, no ribbon loop (invisible loop) is used so all that touches baby’s head is soft nylon. These are made from the same material we found in legging tights/nylon stocking.

      They will not leave marks on baby's head because these stretch to fit her little head yet not too tight or loose for her.
      Simply hand wash in cold water and dry it, it will go back to its original stretch.
      However due to its soft nature, it may be 'scratched' easily - stay clear from sharp objects (esp. fingernails).

      Simply loop bows or clips in this loop:

      Looks really pretty with flower headband:

      In 17 pretty colour tones: